Named Entry Points

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Named entry points define additional debug/execute entry points into Python code, by pairing a Python file with the desired execution environment. Named entry points can be debugged or executed from the Debug Named Entry Point and Execute Named Entry Point sub-menus.

Named Entry Points in the Debug menu displays the named entry point manager, which is used to create, edit, duplicate, and delete named entry points. Use the toolbar in the dialog or right-click on the list to create, edit, duplicate, or delete a named entry point. To rename an entry point, click on its name and type the new name.

Right-click on a named entry point in the list and select Set Debug Key Binding or Set Execute Key Binding to assign a key binding that will debug or execute that named entry point.

Each named entry point defines the following fields:

Python File is the file to launch.

Environment specifies the environment to use when launching the file. This can either be the project-defined environment from Project Properties with a specified command line, or it can be a selected launch configuration.

Show this dialog before each run displays the named entry point properties dialog before debugging or executing it.